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Travel Insurance


Our international travel insurance plans give you the choice of cover for overseas medical expenses, cancellations, and so much more.  


Whatever your reason, international business and leisure travel should be a productive experience. Complications and emergencies such as natural disasters, illnesses, and injuries are a fact of life.


Voyager Annual Insurance offers three levels of benefits to cover your specific needs. Each plan includes benefits for inpatient and outpatient medical, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, lost checked baggage, and more! Voyager Annual Insurance is the leading solution for frequent travelers.


For Business Travelers

Wherever business travel takes you, across the country or across the globe, Voyager Annual Insurance provides the protection and immediate service you demand — coverage that your current group health or employer’s workers comp policies may not provide. Wherever you go in the world, be sure to bring Voyager along with you.


For Frequent Travelers

Family visits, hobbies, globetrotters and frequent travelers — whatever the reason, you travel a lot. Voyager Annual Insurance is the perfect solution for covering you for medical emergencies/evacuations, travel delays, baggage loss and more.